I recently completed a short-term contract with the Girl Scouts of Western Washington as a Brand Marketing Designer. As a former Girl Scout myself, it was a pleasure to flex my design and illustration skills for a worthy cause. The Marketing teams and the teams I interacted with were gracious, lovely people – I hope to find another excellent niche to fill soon.
Mockup image showing maps of and to Girl Scouts properties.

Maps, Adobe Illustrator, 2023

This exciting project I completed was re-drafting and redesigning 13 property, trail, and driving maps for legibility, accuracy, and consistency, and to fit the current brand guidelines. With one-color and 4-color versions the total count is 26 maps! We also standardized and expanded the icon set for the way-finding key.
Mockup image showing the vector art for 7 embroidered Girl Scout patches.

Embroidered patch designs, Adobe Illustrator, 2023.
The above is the production artwork – the council will mail me physical samples in due time.

When you hear "Girl Scouts" you think cookies (I know you do!) but maybe you also think of rad embroidered patches sewn all over your uniform or your sash! It was a huge treat to design 7 patches for youth programs and adult events, as property branding, and as personal leave-behinds for individuals like the CEO. 
Mockup image showing 5 pin buttons with large friendly text such as she/her and they/them on a bright green background.

Product: pronoun pins, Adobe Illustrator, 2023

And we made a 5-pin selection for those who wear their heart on their sleeve – or their identity on their lapel! The fifth (lower right) is blank for those of us who use neo-pronouns or whose pronouns change from day to day.
Mockup image showing several text-heavy internal documents arrange for display.

Branded and Beautified documents, Adobe inDesign and MicroSoft Word, 2023.

It's not the glitziest task in the world of graphics, but darn, I love to redesign documents. Here are a few of the many institutional docs and forms I brought in line with the current branding guidelines. 
Mockup image of four, text-heavy display banners with stats, maps, facts, and cute photos of Girl Scouts engaged in activities.

Informative retractable banners, Adobe InDesign, 2023.

These four retractable informative banners will be used for recruitment tabling and other events attended or produced by the Philanthropy department. It was a secret delight to sift through many pictures of Girl Scouts having a good time.
Collage image of several spot illustrations in a friendly, brightly-colored style, depicting a diverse group of female characters with themes of pride, service, and giving.

Spot illustrations, Adobe Illustrator, 2023.

With Anna Helland serving as art director, I built a beautiful new library of on-brand vector illustrations for use in Philanthropy and Development communications.

Postcards, hand-outs, and invitations for events and youth programs

Invitation for the Highest Awards Ceremony, where Senior Girl Scouts receive the Gold, Silver, or Bronze awards for their work in the community.

I created a half-dozen hand-outs, save-the-dates, and direct mail postcards to drive participation in youth and volunteer events. I also got to create the invitation design for the Highest Awards Ceremony (above left), determining the look and feel based on the liaison and brand manager's brief.
Finally, I determined the annual look and feel for Volunteer Learning Conference: sketching, pitching, and producing original botanical illustrations for use in the event branding suite that was in line with the department liaison’s brief and incorporated peer and liaison feedback.

Shout out to colleagues Brian Miller and Anna Helland for being A+ collaborators. The owl logo and color palette is by Brian.
The bulk of my work was in Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Word, and Canva, with InDesign, Photoshop, and Powerpoint as well. I got to use Asana for a bit and get really good at making Sharepoint do my bidding.

In addition to the above projects, I built out suites collateral for print and digital delivery, built arrays of templates for social media graphics and signage, made powerpoint templates and basic presentations, and created a variety of fliers and forms on request. 
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