As a member of the Transit Riders Union of Seattle, I have had the opportunity to create promo and campaign graphics for a wide range of our efforts, as well as newsletters and brochures. I'm very proud of our work as a union and stoked to be able to contribute with my skills as a graphic artist.

Logo and banner for a campaign in nearby Tukwila to raise the minimum wage. Tukwila is known for the diversity of its population--as you can see here are represented just some of the many languages spoken in the city.

Customized lettering and illustrated banner for the very successful Orca for All campaign.

Illustrated banner and lettering for the Stay Housed Stay Healthy campaign to protect renters during the Covid-19 crises. This project also included templates and training for social media graphics.

Lettering for the invitation for a celebration of what we've accomplished over the last couple years and an opportunity to strengthen social bonds and ready ourselves for the future. It was a load of fun.

An illustration, also made as a coloring page, for the November fundraiser 2021. It was a dreary time here in Seattle.

An illustration with custom lettering, also made as a coloring page, for the November fundraiser 2020. 

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